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We are the first application that allows you to create a community around food in your city. Join us and see now how simple and fun searching for food can be

Poznaj Apetigo
Platforma do zamawiania jedzenia - dostawy i QR kody w restauracji
Szybkie dostawy i możliwość zamówienia na wynos
Najlepsze ceny, wszystkie restauracje w jednym miejscu
Porady, gdzie najlepiej zjeść i zamówić dania
How it works?
Odkrywaj restauracje
In the Apetigo app, you have access to favorite restaurants, rankings, meals and food events in your area
Order food
It couldn't be easier! You check the best dishes, choose delivery and payment, and we deliver food straight to your door. Quickly and efficiently!
Rate dishes
Play with us and earn points! Dish rating is designed to help users choose the best meals and help restaurants take the next level. For each photo and rating of a dish or restaurant, you get points that you can use in the order

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